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Edward Street Child Services Announces Name Change

We’re Edward Street. 

We work to ensure high quality learning and care for our youngest children, now more than ever. COVID-19 is an enormous challenge, but it also represents a unique

opportunity for change.

Edward Street Child Services Announces Name Change to Edward Street: WORCESTER, MA – Edward Street Child Services, a Central Massachusetts leader in early childhood investment and advocacy since 1883, announced today that it will begin operating under a new name. The organization will be known as Edward Street, effective immediately, and has also unveiled a new logo and redesigned homepage. The name “Edward Street” reflects the organization’s evolution from The... Read more...

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Edward Street Responds to COVID-19 with Critical Support for Providers, Youth and Families: In March of 2020, our work became more important than ever. COVID-19 arrived, causing immediate health risks for children, families and childcare providers; financial hardships for providers; and logistical challenges for communities. In response, Edward Street expanded its leadership role to help... Read more...