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Providers, bring Ready4K to your families

It Makes it Easy to Connect with Families & Support Child Development
Ready4K - Proud Moments
Edward Street and Ready4K

Worcester’s childcare providers and schools can now connect with families via the text messaging platform Ready4K.


Ready4K has been shown to add more than two months of learning and growth within a single 10-month school-year period!

Programs: contact Edward Street to become Ready4K-enabled

It’s easy. Edward Street has already done the work for you! Email us at wooready4k@edwardstreet.org] and we’ll get you started.

Parents: get enrolled through your child’s program or school

Ready4K is here to support you and your children. To sign up, simply contact your child’s program or school. You can opt out at any time with a single text.

What Ready4K is and how it works

  • Parents and caregivers can enroll or unenroll in a single click. There’s no app and no downloads.
  • Ready4K is free for families and providers.
  • Ready4K is available in multiple languages.
  • Participants receive messages where they are most likely to be read—right there on their phones.
  • Content includes personalized updates on their child’s development and how to support it; parenting resources and guidance; at-home learning opportunities; updates from childcare providers and schools; and Edward Street texts featuring timely community resources.

How it all came together for Worcester

Ready4K supports more than 900,000 families nationwide through partnerships with childcare centers and schools, but Worcester is the organization’s first community-wide partner. It’s a unique arrangement that benefits children and families, and those who serve them.

Read our blog to find out how we collaborated with Worcester Public Schools and childcare providers to bring Ready4K to Worcester.

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