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About Edward Street

At Edward Street, we support young children by supporting the early educators and caregivers that serve them, and by advocating for policies that benefit children and families. 

Our priority is high-quality care and education for all young children in Central Massachusetts. We collaborate with community partners to develop effective programming and serve as an educational resource and training center for early educators. When challenges arise, we advocate for young children and families, locally and statewide, so that every child’s needs are met. 

Our Story: From Childcare Center to Edward Street Child Services 

In 1883, when a community assessment determined the need for a childcare center, The Day Nursery was established. A collective led by a group of faith-based organizations, it served the children of Worcester and, for a period of time, children whose mothers were patients at Memorial Hospital. 

120 years later, we changed our name to Edward Street Child Services and became a voice for early childhood in Central Massachusetts. Since 2003 we have advanced the importance of early childhood, developed programming, curriculum and policy to improve education and care, and met challenges alongside community partners. 

Edward Street: A Better Future for All Children 

Today, we’re Edward Street. We convene and collaborate to solve problems. We educate and train to support early learning and care. We advocate for, and raise awareness of, the needs of early childhood. 

We do what it takes on behalf of children, families and early educators, so every young person can enjoy a rich, supportive childhood and a wonderful future.