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See Life Through the Lens of a Child—Edward Street’s Exhibit of Children’s Photography Is In-Person and Online

Monday, March 28, 2022

Give young children a camera and get out of the way.Play Through the Lens of a Child, Edward Street’s new exhibit of children’s photography, shows what happens when adults empower self-expression and personal responsibility.

“They took the challenge and ran with it, like it was their job,” says Edward Street Master Teacher Jo Ann Borinski, who facilitated the project at five local childcare programs. “They were just very inquisitive. They weren’t afraid to take risks and weren’t afraid to collaborate with their peers.

In celebration of the national Week of the Young Child, Play Through the Lens of a Child is showing April 4th-30th at the Printer’s Hallway Building Gallery, 50 Portland Street, Worcester, and on our website at edwardstreet.org.

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Participating children attend programs at Webster Square Day Care Center, Rainbow Child Development Center, YWCA of Central MA Inc., Worcester Comprehensive Education and Care Inc., and Guild of St. Agnes (Granite Street location). The only guidance the children received was to think about what play means to them.

The exhibit takes visitors on a journey through their learning and growth within a single day of photography, from initial excitement to complex artistic themes. The budding photographers turned their cameras to dolls, sneakers, geometric shapes—even the idea of “the photographer as the subject.”

“We gave them a challenge and they far exceeded our expectations,” says Borinski. “It was amazing to see how deeply they dove into it, how seriously they took it, and how much fun they had.”

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For adults, Play Through the Lens of a Child provides a unique opportunity to improve our understanding of what young children need, which can lead to more effective guidance and social-emotional support.

"How children play reveals a lot about what is important to them and how they think. It’s their version of work,” says Edward Street Managing Director Kim Davenport. “Giving them a tool, such as a digital camera, provides another avenue for self-expression. All we need to do is listen.”

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Edward Street is proud to support learning and growth at local early education and care programs. To learn more, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.