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Great Things Are Happening at Edward Street! Your Support Will Help Every Child Succeed

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Talk about a rare opportunity. The importance of early childhood is being recognized like never before, and Edward Street is determined to capitalize on this unique moment in history.

With your support, we can help every young child and family succeed. There are benefits for communities, businesses, and the economy, too.

Every dollar contributed goes towards our ongoing and upcoming programs and initiatives. 

Universal, high-quality, affordable childcare is within reach

We’re closer than ever to universal childcare. Even President Biden spoke of its importance. 

Here in Massachusetts, we’re working with the Common Start Coalition to build support for the Common Start Legislation, which would establish a system of affordable, high-quality early education and care for all Massachusetts families, over a 5-year timeline.

A groundbreaking system linking all young families to support and services

No child should fall through the cracks, especially when so many resources are available in Central Massachusetts. The Together for Kids Coalition, a collaboration led by Edward Street, aims to link all families to area providers and resources, from childcare programs to mental health professionals.

Educator training, workforce development, and advocacy 

Edward Street initiatives include the Master Teacher Program, a mentoring program led by Master Teacher Jo Ann Borinski, and ongoing professional development opportunities. We’re also big supporters of the Project Flourish Child Development Apprenticeship program. 

Young children need experienced educators, so we’re advocating for their profession on a local and state level. Without a livable wage, passionate, qualified individuals are unable to remain in the field, and young children bear the burden of their absence.

Amazing opportunities for positive play time

Effective early education and care is more than a classroom. It includes social-emotional support, positive play time, and literacy.

(The rewards are immediate and long-lasting.)

That’s why we recently augmented our Day of Play website (the virtual component of our annual in-person event) with year-round games and activities. Likewise, our Early Childhood Central website is a fount of resources for parents, guardians, and childcare programs.

Regarding literacy, Edward Street’s Book Buddies puts three books in the hands of every participating child, with the help of local businesses.

Plus, after a wildly successful first year, Spring is Bursting Out All Over, our children’s art show, will return for a second year in 2022!

Thank you! Your support will help all children and families succeed

Young children and families need your help. One-time donations and monthly sustaining donations are appreciated.

We can’t thank you enough!

To learn more about Edward Street and our work, including our efforts in response to COVID-19, visit our Initiatives page, Blog, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages.