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Every Child Gets a Book

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Never underestimate the power of a good book.

When children fall in love with reading at a young age there are ripple effects throughout their lives. It improves their elementary and secondary education experience, and can even be a predictor of success in adulthood.

Better still, good books are good fun. Just ask the children who take part in the Book Buddies Early Literacy Program each year.

Book Buddies Early Literacy Program


Edward Street’s Book Buddies Early Literacy Program puts three books in the hands of every participating child. 

  • It’s a partnership. Central Massachusetts’ businesses are partnered with preschools that serve low-income families.
  • Every child gets three books. Edward Street and educators at each program choose three books for the year that connect with the program’s curriculum. Book purchases are sponsored by partnering businesses.
  • Stories are read aloud, together. Books are brought to life when a representative from the local business, a local celebrity, or one of the children’s classroom teachers reads the story aloud to the whole class.
  • Fun and educational activities are shared. Over the course of several weeks and classroom activities, children explore themes from the story and have fun with the characters and plot.
  • Children take the books home. Students take ownership of the books when activities are completed. At the end of the year, they have three new books in their home libraries.

The Book Buddies Early Literacy Program is an important initiative in a world where sixty-one percent of low-income children have no access to age-appropriate books at home. 

To be a Book Buddies Sponsor, interested businesses may contact Rose Hayes at rhayes@edwardstreet.org.