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February 15, 2023
Something’s not right here. Massachusetts childcare workers play a vital role in family, community, and economic life. They ensure parents can work and help prepare young children for academic and professional careers. Nevertheless, early learning staff earn less than a living wage in the state, on...
January 11, 2023
Who wouldn’t want a more flexible brain? How about greater focus? A better memory? Stronger relationships with extended family? Individuals who are bilingual (speaking two or more languages) and biliterate (speaking, writing, and reading in two or more languages) have more active brains, and there...
December 21, 2022
Thanks to family childcare providers across the city, families with young children have choices that match their cultural values, common languages, budget, and home and work locations. Yet, despite their importance to the community, many family childcare providers (who are early educators...
November 17, 2022
It’s not often an early childhood program has the opportunity to create a facility wholly designed to support young children and families. But the Guild of St. Agnes always responds to community needs, right down to its convenient new location. “We heard from Worcester State University about their...
May 5, 2022
Developed by the Center for Childcare Careers, a program of Seven Hills affiliate Family Services of Central MA, with strategic and fundraising support from Edward Street, Project Flourish helps early career professionals advance via classroom instruction, mentoring, pay increases, and professional certifications.
April 1, 2022
Executive Directors, Eve Gilmore (Edward Street) and Marybeth Campbell (Worcester Community Action Council) penned an article about the urgency of making high quality, affordable and accessible early education and care a reality for children and families across the Commonwealth. Now is the time...
March 17, 2022
In February, Massachusetts put in place a new early education and care fee structure for families who have “subsidized slots” in licensed programs. They had good reason to do so, say local providers.
March 14, 2022
Education Committee co-chairs, Senator Jason Lewis and Representative Alice Peisch, released the final report of the Special Legislative Early Education and Care Economic Review Commission, which outlined short, mid and long-term steps necessary to stabilize the early education and care in...
February 15, 2022
Local educational consultant, author, and public speaker, Wendy O’Leary, M.Ed., says that when educators and parents practice mindfulness for any amount of time, children in their lives reap the benefits.
January 3, 2022
David Jordan shares insights and connections across apprenticeship programs and how they can address the workforce crisis in early education and care. Project Flourish, operating under the Center for Childcare Careers/Family Services of Central MA, a program of Seven Hills Foundation, leverages...


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