fbpx Miranda Sgariglia | Edward Street

Miranda Sgariglia

Dudley Middle School

Miranda has made her a career about education. She is a special education teacher at Dudley Middle School. Her greatest role as a mom, sparked her interest in Edward Street's mission. As a new mother, Miranda experienced the challenges that many young families grapple with. “I had my son in February 2021,” she says. “Once my maternity leave ended, my husband and I struggled to find available, affordable, and reputable child care. Edward Street advocates for policies to help improve something that my family and I are experiencing firsthand.”

“I decided to join Edward Street for my son and other children like him. He is what motivates me,” she says. “I’m eager to be a participant in change rather than a spectator.”

“Edward Street and the support they provide to early educators and caregivers is inspiring,” adds Miranda. “It might sound like a cliché, but children are literally our future. The education and care they receive should reflect that.”