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Senator Harriette L. Chandler sits down with Eve Gilmore
Release Date: 
June 12, 2019
Senator Harriett Chandler interviews Executive Director, Eve Gilmore
Beacon Hill Chat - WCCA TV 194

Senator Harriette L. Chandler

Senator Harriett L. Chandler sits down with Eve Gilmore, Edward Street Child Services' Executive Director and 2019 Erskine Award Fellow to discuss the importance of early education, the future value of investing early, and the key issues facing the field and our community. The research and science clearly demonstrates the value of investing early with an average ROI of 13%.  Yet, the burden of cost for high quality care is too great for families, and the compensation for educators is too low to attract and retain a high quality workforce. Watch this engaging conversation about the realities and opportunities we have as a community.