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Worcester Comprehensive Child Care Services Playground

A tale of a community coming together for young children.

In the beginning there was an uneven patch of concrete.

More importantly, there was a will to give the children who attend the center a playground where they could develop gross motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Massachusetts was on the forefront of outdoor play for children. In 1821 an outdoor German inspired “gymnasium” was built in Salem. This was followed in 1886 with the construction of sand gardens for children in Boston. In 1907 the Playground Association of America was established. The association recommended exercise equipment and plenty of space for unstructured play. In 1909 Massachusetts led the country by enacting legislation requiring all towns over 10,000 have a community playground. In 1928 the National Recreation Association was established. Their guidelines indicated a need for sandboxes, climbers, and slides. Why all this attention to child’s play?

Four stages of play:

  1. Functional: using large motor skills to explore cause and effect
  2. Constructive: using small motor skills to manipulate objects with the goal of building or creating something
  3. Dramatic/Sociodramatic: role play individually at first, and then with two or more children as comprehension of language and symbols develops
  4. Games with Rules: emphasis on skills, com- petition and interaction as empathy develops

From Sara Smilansky, early childhood researcher

Benefits of Play

  • Physical Development: coordinates sensorimotor development; a natural preventative for childhood obesity
  • Academics: Develops imagination, creativity, and problem solving skills. Play provides language-rich, hands on experiences with real-life physics (earth, water, wind, and gravity).
  • Social Emotional Development: Imaginative play increases collaboration, cooperation, empathy, im- pulse control, and reduces aggression.

From the Alliance for Childhood

Economically disadvantaged children in our community are often denied the privilege of playing outside. Fear of their children’s safety and lack of quality playground environments cause many parents to keep their children at home. Many hours in front of the television can lead to developmental delays and childhood obesity. 

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