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Worcester Has High Hopes for 2022

Monday, January 10, 2022

Edward Street asked our staff and friends in the community about their hopes and dreams for young children, families, and businesses in 2022. 

Here’s what they had to say.

Darlene Belliveau, Director of Children’s Services, YWCA of Central MA

I am hopeful for intentional collaboration and coordinated efforts that identify and address the needs of families. I also wish families can get back to work without anxiety and that we can ease social restrictions while minimizing the health impacts of COVID-19. 

Iris Delgado, Youth Services Manager, Worcester Public Library

As Anne of Green Gables said, “Isn’t it nice that tomorrow’s another day with no mistakes in it…yet..” Have a Wonderful, Happy and Very Safe New Year 2022 Everyone!

Hilda Ramirez, Executive Director, Latino Education Institute

I hope all our children learn to read and that our educators, children, and families have a relaxing, enjoyable, and productive year, without interruption. 

As a community, I hope we take time to get to know each other better and support the most vulnerable among us.

Toni Ostrow, Executive Administrator, Edward Street

My wish for Worcester is that we institute a participatory budget system, much like Cambridge and Amherst, where all citizens 12 years of age and up have a say in how to allocate funding. (Learn more at https://pb.cambridgema.gov.)

Amanda Gentile, Early Learning Specialist, Worcester Public Schools

I am hopeful we will be able to return safely to in-person visits with parents and children. I miss building relationships and connections with the families. This year, I hope we are able to spend time with one another instead of getting together over Zoom.

Eve Gilmore, Executive Director, Edward Street

2022 holds the promise of more. We have the distinct opportunity to be more and do more for children and families. The lessons of last year are the beacons of a more just, equitable and nurturing tomorrow.

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