fbpx Meet Edward Street’s Newest Board Members. Domenica Perrone, Miranda Sgariglia, and Jennifer Madson Are on the Front Lines of Change in Worcester | Edward Street

Meet Edward Street’s Newest Board Members. Domenica Perrone, Miranda Sgariglia, and Jennifer Madson Are on the Front Lines of Change in Worcester

Thursday, August 4, 2022

You know what they say. It takes a village. Lucky for us, we have the support of our incredible Board of Directors. Better still, we recently welcomed three amazing new Board Members to the team!

Here’s what Jennifer Madson, Miranda Sgariglia, and Domenica Perrone have to say about early childhood, equity and inclusion in Worcester, and Edward Street.

Domenica Perrone: Director of Community Engagement and Volunteering, Clark University

Formerly a Project Manager for the City of Worcester’s Department of Health and Human Services, Domenica has also worked for the Latino Education Institute at Worcester State University and the Collaborative for Youth and Community Justice at Clark University. She has a Master’s degree in Community Development and Planning as well as an MBA. 

A Latina and immigrant with lived experience, Domenica has a passion for educational equity and social justice for BIPOC communities.

“Society’s historical, systemic and institutional racism and sexism have created a massive disparity in accessible early education and care, and this frustrates me,” she says. “Access to high quality early education and care is essential to achieving equity for young people.”

Edward Street, says Domenica, represents an opportunity to “play a more concrete role in fighting for educational equity and social justice in Worcester.”

“I am absolutely, intrinsically motivated to create change. Edward Street has been in this fight for almost a century, and I’m eager to contribute.”

Jennifer Madson: Central Regional Director for Mass Audubon

A parent of two with a background in youth development and health equity work, Jennifer has a degree in International Development and Social Change with a focus on Youth Development from Clark University

Her decision to become a Board Member stems from Edward Street’s “tremendous presence in the Worcester community.”

“As a longtime youth worker and now parent of young children,” says Jennifer, “I know how critical Edward Street’s programs and advocacy work are to making sure all children have a strong start in life. I was particularly blown away by Edward Street's leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It has made a huge difference in the lives of so many young children and their families—mine included!”

Inspired by her own children, Jennifer is excited to support Edward Street’s mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

“I want to be a part of making Edward Street’s strategic vision come to life,” she says.

Miranda Sgariglia: Special Education Teacher, Dudley Middle School, Dudley, MA

As a new mother, Miranda recently experienced the challenges that many young families grapple with.

“I had my son in February 2021,” she says. “Once my maternity leave ended, my husband and I struggled to find available, affordable, and reputable child care. Edward Street advocates for policies to help improve something that my family and I are experiencing firsthand.”

Now, she’s eager to work towards solutions with Edward Street.

“I decided to join Edward Street for my son and other children like him. He is what motivates me,” she says. “I’m eager to be a participant in change rather than a spectator.”

“Edward Street and the support they provide to early educators and caregivers is inspiring,” adds Miranda. “It might sound like a cliché, but children are literally our future. The education and care they receive should reflect that.”

Edward Street develops programming and advocates for early childhood, families, and equitable economic growth in Worcester. Stay tuned on Facebook and LinkedIn. Please donate today!