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How Senator Chandler’s Successor Can Follow Her Lead

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

She was the first woman from Worcester to be elected to the Massachusetts State Senate and became a tireless champion of children and families.

State Senator Harriet Chandler is set to retire after 27 years serving Central Massachusetts. She can never be replaced but we hope her successor continues her legacy of support for early childhood.

“Senator Chandler was a trailblazer and a skilled collaborator,” said Edward Street Executive Director Eve Gilmore. “She built bridges with community partners, fellow legislators, and business leaders to make a difference for diverse communities.”

A unique opportunity to make a significant impact

Post-pandemic, parents, childcare centers, and business leaders are ready for change. Here are five ways our next State Senator can help:

1.) Recognize the importance of childcare for the entire community. It improves young people’s chances at success through adulthood and supports businesses and the economy since more parents can work. 

Worcester runs on childcare!

2.) Build strategic partnerships. Senator Chandler was a savvy collaborator who worked with community leaders, local businesses, and higher education to improve family services. 

Case in point: her role in developing UMass Medical’s Child Trauma Training Center.

3.) Support critical legislation. The Common Start Legislation, for example, would establish universal, affordable, high-quality childcare for all. 

Full adoption may not be possible this year but legislators are considering intermediate steps.

4.) Think forward. The second woman in state history to serve as Assistant Senate Majority Leader and Senate Majority Leader, Senator Chandler met complex challenges with creative solutions.

She fought for women’s rights before Roe vs. Wade and helped write paid family leave legislation.

5.) Be informed and open minded. Senator Chandler committed herself to understanding local issues by consistently engaging in conversation and debate. 

Check out her TV show, Beacon Hill Chat.

There’s no replacing Senator Chandler, but we hope her successor takes a few pages out of her book. Children, families, and the economy are counting on it!

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