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Five Hopes & Dreams of Young Children for 2023

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

It’s a new year and young children want to make it the best one ever, but they need your help. They don’t have a seat at the policy table, so we went to see them at the kids’ table!

Here’s what they had to say.

1.) I want to be ready for kindergarten and elementary school—even adulthood

Please make sure I can get the high-quality early learning and care I need. It will prepare me for what lies ahead. I need intellectual and social-emotional growth, early literacy experiences, proper nutrition, and health screenings. 

Today, I’m just a small child, but quality childcare will help me grow up to be a happy and healthy adult who contributes to our community! (Don’t believe me? I swear it’s true!)

2.) I want the adults in my life to be able to work

It’s a serious bummer. Not all of our parents were able to work in 2022. Childcare is just too expensive! They had to stay home to care for us instead of building careers. 

Please make sure this changes in 2023. Not all of us start with the same advantages in life, but if I get the early learning and care I need, and mom and dad can work, we’ll level the playing field over time.

3.) I want my favorite teachers to keep doing what they love—teaching!

My favorite teachers keep leaving for other careers because the pay for early educators is so low—and I miss out on their passion and experience. But if you help them stick around then we can get the support we need.

4.) I want local shops to stay open

You may have heard I’m a big fan of pizza, ice cream, bowling, and bookstores. 

And my parents tell me I need to go to the doctor’s office at least twice a year, and the dentist too! But they also tell me these businesses are having trouble finding staff. Some of them might even have to close!

This year, please do something to grow our workforce so I can keep going to my favorite shops.

(What’s that? You’re ordering now? Great, I’ll have extra cheese on that pizza, and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles on top, please!!)

5.) I want my neighborhood to be a safe and happy place!

My teachers tell me there’s no such thing as a magic wand that can make everything all better. To this I say, what about childcare? It helps families and businesses, reduces crime, and grows the economy today and tomorrow. 

Early education and care may not be magic, but you do have a magic wand you can use. Email or call your state and national representatives and demand affordable childcare for all!

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